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Why work with us?


Earn a 5% commission for each sale you refer

By placing links and banners from your site to ours you are able to earn 5% of the order value for each sale you successfully refer, with no cap on potential earnings


We Provide all marketing materials

We aim to simplify the process for you and have created a toolbox of marketing material for you to use on your website. These tools are regularly updated so you are able to give your site a fresh new look when needed.


Dedicated support from your affiliate manager

You will be given access to a dedicated account manager who understands your business and the individual requirements you have.  


Easily keep track of your commission and reports

The best part of our programme is that you can always keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. We provide detailed reports to help you know where your marketing strategy succeeds and if any changes are needed.


We pay you monthly on all referred sales

You will receive your commission payments at the end of the month, providing you have reached the £25 minimum threshold. If this threshold has not been met, your commission will simply roll over to the next month.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that my commissions are being generated properly?

When building links for your website, we aim to make it as straight forward as possible with step by step guides. Once your links are successfully embedded into your site, our affiliate program manages the rest for you. We have partnered with leading affiliate software provider, Omnistar to ensure that your referrals are correctly attributed to your unique affiliate ID.


I want to put a banner on my site but you do not offer the size I am looking for, can you offer me a custom built banner?

We regularly release new tools such as banners and additional promotional content and try to ensure that our marketing tools meet the needs of our affiliates however if we do not offer a tool that you require, we are happy to review each request on an individual basis and find a solution that meets your requirements.


How can I keep track of my earnings and work out which marketing tools are working best?

From your affiliate control panel you will be able to access reports showing your earnings to date, monthly earnings and earnings by marketing tool. This handy reporting feature allows you to identify which of your links and banners are attracting the most users and therefore generating the most commissions for you.


How do I create an affiliate link to a book or section?

You are able to create an affiliate link to specific books, pages and searches by adding your unique affiliate ID (e.g. #oid=1062_1) to the end of any URL.  

Here are two examples:


Where do I find the Terms & Conditions?

 Please click this link:

How it works

How do I apply to be an affiliate?
Fill out an application form. It takes less than a minute!
What happens when I am accepted?
You will be notified by email. Once accepted you are able to integrate links and make the most of our banners on your website.
Is it really that easy to earn cash?
It really is! When a customer visits any page on through one of your links and makes a purchase, you will receive 5% of their order value.